Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Log: (05-27-2009)

27 May 2009 (L+13, DOY 147)

Following the successful switch on of HIFI and PACS during OD 11, all 56 PACS observations and 9 HIFI observations containing engineering data were processed successfully by the Herschel Data Processing pipeline to the expected level. Together with 6 SPIRE observations also executed during OD 11, and the available auxiliary files, they were ingested into the Herschel Science Archive, and are now available to the Herschel calibration scientists. Using for the first time in operations, the Herschel Data Processing software of the three instruments and the Herschel Science Archive system achieved a flawless end-to-end processing and archiving. Herschel has its archive populated before first light!

[S. Ott from ESAC, posted 27 May 2009]